Stress and anxiety is a very common mental health concern today. Stress can come from various circumstances, like the lack of finances and difficult relationships. It can also be felt in our minds where we don’t think clearly. The body can experience headaches and various tension knots. Serious anxiety can lead to panic attacks the body. However feeling anxious is more often experienced in the stomach.

Question: What does stress and Anxiety counselling look like? Answer: First we will look what may be causing the stress and anxiety. These are often found in circumstance. So it is a practical look at what can be adjusted in this area. Question: Will just looking at circumstances stop my anxiety? Answer: Often we will look at ways to reduce the anxious feelings.

Question: How is this done?
Answer: We use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness and Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Core Value Therapy.

We have found the benefits on mindfulness which is observing your thoughts, emotions and body. It is useful to look at these three areas. Our thoughts, emotions and how our body feels can be hard to determine any difference. Learning how to observing each area separately is a powerful way forward in reducing anxiety. If you can observe these things, emotions, thoughts and body then you are able to make choices of what to do.

Question: What is Acceptance Commitment Therapy? ACT
Answer: Accepting something in your life that you are having difficulty time accepting. By teaching you how to unhook from negative thoughts and then committing to something you value.

Question: What is Core Value Therapy?
Answer: We help you discover what your core value which is often not obvious to us. We may know some values we live by and this is in our conscious mind. But when we get hurt, offend or angry this is found in our subconscious mind as is known as the core value. We have observed over the last ten years that it greatly increases a person’s ability to emotionally regulate themselves.

The latest Research on Anxiety.

When we are anxious we often feel this in our stomachs. The stomach is where dopamine is produced. Dopamine is a very useful chemical it makes our brains feel happy. Dopamine is our mental health and wellbeing chemical. When was are stressed and anxious we shut this production of dopamine down in our stomach. Through the counselling therapy at North West Counselling will help reduce your stress and anxiety by allowing your stomach to produce dopamine again.