Core Value Therapy is ideal for clients who need anger management, building self-esteem and emotional regulation. The therapy helps clients discover their core value and lifts their overall self- awareness which improves their locus of control. The most effective way to identify your core value is simply describe a problem in their life, something that made you anger, hurt or offended. What value words did you use? Don’t focus on the circumstances so much, but focus more on how you describe the circumstances.

Some of the value words you hear may take some adjustment for you to consider their relevance or importance. Ask yourself what really explains my anger, mental distress, offence? What value words do you keep repeating?

The interesting part is we assume we hear our own value words. You may know some of your values, but these are sub-values. They are located in their conscious mind and come and go depending on the situation. However the primary core value is at their centre and filters and interprets everything that happens to you. It is hidden from you at a subconscious level.

Over the last ten years whilst using CVT therapeutic approach clients generally do not hear themselves use their core value to describe how they feel. The counsellor will help facilitate this process for you. If you can discover it for yourself this will provide a greater ability for change.

Clients report a greater ability to emotional regulate, an improved self-awareness and self-esteem plus better mental health. All this from understanding their core value is quite remarkable.

Hope you will make the first steps today – and stop being angry.
(anger is only one letter away from Danger)