Relationship conflict can be very unsettling time for both of you.

It is sometimes easier to fall in love with someone but much harder to stay in love.

Feelings such as being hurt, betrayed, insulted, being unloved can greatly impact on your hope for the future. When you started off you intended to have a future with the person you fell in love with. But you ask yourself where did it go wrong where did we drift off course? This is not the person I fell in love with. You are also not the same. But can we get it back again?

At North West Counselling we aim to help you build your relationship back together again one step at a time until trust and love begin.

It is important in relationship counselling to feel comfortable and safe to express yourself freely. So that is why we prefer to come to your home. We have found it is important that both attend counselling where possible. Many ask, should we see a counsellors separately? We have found that it is far better to start couple counselling with both together.

We strongly believe in doing no further harm to your relationship. Our goal is to leave you in a better condition than when you first began and at least one part of your relationship has improved, so hope can begin.

"This is our first time, we have never done couple counselling before."
Some common questions:

Question: How many sessions will it take?
Answer: We recommend between 6-10 sessions

Question: What happens in the sessions?
Answer: Often we get to know you, by asking some questions about how you first met and what were the things you noticed and liked about each other?

Question: What happens next?
Answer: Then some serious talking begins and we try and make sure both parties have an equal opportunity to speak what you think is the main problems in the relationship. However it is not only just talking about problems we need to look at solutions.

We like couples to cover:
• How do you feel loved?
• We help people identifying their core value, this is where hurt, offence and feelings of anger
come from.
• We carry out your character Profile (MyBriggs). There are 16 character profile in the human race. We have found it is great to hear your profile and your partners.